Monday, March 13, 2006

Big Food Update!

Long time no update!!! Been really busy & lazy to upload pictures and to resize them... By the way, blogger doesn't give you an option to change the dates anymore hey? Or is there a way to submit it on the date of your own choice?

JANYARY 16 '06

Pei Daan Dau Fu (Thousand year old egg + Tofu)

JANUARY 17 '06

Tofu with Veggies

JANUARY 26 '06

Chinese New Year Snacks(?)

January 27 '06

Okonomiyaki (Japanese Pancake)

February 3 '06
Sushi party with 180 leaders!
We prepared the fillings, rice and seaweed for them to wrap their likings!

Tofu Salad

Hand Roll Fillings

Table Setting - along with Miso Soup and Gyoza

February 14 '06
Valentine's Day!
I had a fever that day so CM came home to cook!
Super delicious :)

Roses :)

Royce Chocolates! :)

Veal Masala

Broccoli Pasta

February 18 '06
Our friend MN invited us over to his awesome apartment and cooked us delicious dinner! Very impressive. (Sorry the picture's are a bit dark)

Mixed Vegetable Stirfry

Vegetable with Oyster Sauce

Steamed Fish

Siumei Platter

Desserts - Cakes from Italian Tomato + Hagendaaz Ice Cream

February 20 '06
Had another sushi party with my girls :)


Dashimaki Tamago

Tofu Salad... Yahyah I know I always make the same thing

Table Setting - We had Edamame and Miso Soup too!

February 21 '06
We went to Korea for CM's friends wedding, so I insisted we eat things in our fridge, so these are made from left over ingredients.

Baked Tuna Pasta

Spam + Onion Stirfry (it was gross, don't try)
and Lettuce + Garlic Stirfry (not bad)

Green Salad - with onion and tuna

February 23 '06
My parents were in town so we invited them over for dinner!

Soy Sauce Chicken (Ok I cheated, I bought this)

Fried Rice with diced steak (since we just got back from Korea, we wrapped it with seaweed!)

Vegetable Stirfry

I also bought some bean paste from Korea, so made Soondubu (or tried to) it turned out good! But no picture :(

March 3 '06
It was our 6 months bring married so we went to try HABITU! I don't know the names of the dishes...


My pasta

CM's Calzone

No dessert- too full!

March 9 '06
Yes, call us mushy... CM proposed to me exactly a year ago, so I cooked him dinner!

Appetizer - Bacon Tomato Wrap on a bed of spinach

Soup - Cream of Cabbage

Main - Salmon Risotto topped with Lemon Sauteed Salmon

March 10 '06
Birthday Dinner Ruth's Chris Steak House :)

We ordered Ahi Tuna Appetizer (very good), Ribeye Steak, Garlic Mashed Potato and Cream Spinach. No pictures though... :( But I took a picture of the dessert!

March 11 '06



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