Friday, August 25, 2006

Dinner Made From Left Over Ingredients #4

From our previous post, we lad left over lettuce, corn, and tomato. I also accidentally bought a can of cream style corn, only to find out it wasn't kernel corn after I opened the can!!! So I decided to use it for tonight dinner. So tonight, we only had to go get chicken breasts and mozzarella cheese!

Mozzarella Cheese and Tomato Salad

Salad topped w/Kernel Corn and Bacon Bits
Like my heart shaped tomato? :)

Buttered Corn

Linguine w/Grilled Chicken Covered in Creamed Corn
(Chicken Marinated and Grilled by CM)

Baked Cheese Cake w/Ice Cream and Strawberry Jam on the side
(Left over Cream Cheese from THIS post!!! Had to make something before it expired!!!)

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Hayashi Rice (Hashed Beef Rice)

MN, CH, and JC came over for dinner and played a bit of MJ :) So fun.

I LOVE kitchen gadgets :) I bought myself 2 rice molds the otherday, so I used it tonight. Check it out!!!

Green Salad

Potato Salad

Broccoli Stirfry by CM

Hayashi Rice

Another shot... used a different mold :)

Some of you might be wondering, what the heck is Hayashi Rice??? Check it HERE

Some artistic shots by our guest photographer MN. Enjoy!

Salad, looking through the glass

Potato Salad. Like my apron? I got it made in Shanghai!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006


2006 BAZAAR August 24-27

All Books / CD / DVD / Premiums -- Up to 60% OFF
Look out for New Books & CD Titles!

Opening Hours:
August 24-26 (Thur-Sat) 11am-9:30pm
August 27 (Sun) 11am-8pm

Address: Rm 506, 5/F, Block B, Sea View Estate,
2-8 Watson Road, Fortress Hill, Hong Kong
(Fortress Hill MTR Exit A, Next to Manulife Tower)

Tel: 2333-8805

Cash / Visa / EPS is accepted

Monday, August 21, 2006

Turkish Dinner

Dinner with SS at Istanbul Express!

Falafel w/Hummos (With Salty Yoghurt Drink at the back!!)

Lamb Doner w/Rice

Add: G/F, 66 Lockhart Road,
Wanchai, HK

Tel: 2520-0400

TST Branch
Add: F-1, G/F, Rose Mansion,
1 Hart Ave, Tsim Sha Tsui, KLN

Tel: 2369-6234

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Lunch around Home

I love not having to go into work on Saturdays. Today, CM and I decided to walk around our area for lunch. Our first stop was "Toppings", a small hot dog/burger place, where you fill in your own favourite toppings. Then headed to "Pumpernickel" for some more food.



Cheese Hot Dog (We shared, so we have different toppings on each side)


Avocado Soup

Pumpernickel Salad (It was not good)

Angel Hair Pasta w/Chorizo and Bacon

Add: Shop 9, Wang Fai Mansion,
2-12 Wang On Road,
Fortress Hill, HK

Tel: 2887-0832

Add: 1A Lau Li Street,
Tin Hau, HK

Tel: 2578-0852
(They have 5 more shops at Cleveland St, Far East Finance Ctr, HK Arts Ctr, Shueng Wan, and City Garden)

Friday, August 18, 2006

NY Bistro

When you live on the HK island, you become an island snob, and that is what I have become. Although TST is not that far, the thought of crossing the harbour just seems a long way to go. Tonight, I decided to go to TST where my friend CD works, and we did a bit of shopping and eating. I had a great evening, I love spending quality girl time with my girlfriends :) CD took me to 798 Unit & co and French Dap for desserts!

@ 789 UNIT & CO

Mushroom Salad

Seabass Risotto

Lamb Cutlets w/cranberry sauce


Mango Roll

798 UNIT & CO
Add: 1/F, 9 Hau Fook Street,
Tsim Sha Tsui, KLN

Tel: 2366-0234

Add: Shop 4, G/F, 8 Hau Fook Street,
Tsim Sha Tsui, KLN

Tel: 2312-1689

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Remake from Left Overs #5

Remake from last night's chicken curry!

Green Curry Pasta

(The white stuff is cottage cheese)

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

South East Asian Night

I think I put too much coconut milk so my Indonesian Chicken Curry looks like Thai Green Curry instead!!! AND... I was suppose to make Paneer Makhanwala but I got the wrong cottage cheese, so I put in pork I had in my freezer, only to realize pork isn't too popular amongst Indians...? Oh well.

Indonesian Chicken Curry

Indian Makhanwala

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Paper Anniversary

WARNING: It may get just a tiny little bit mushy, but don't mind me.

Did you know that wedding anniversaries have special names? Check it Here if you want to find out more.

Tonight, CM and I celebrated our "Paper Anniversary" because we went and signed our "Papers" on the same day last year. Although our real "Paper" Anniversary will be in a few weeks time, it's always nice to do something special. CM asked what I wanted to do, but I just told him to give me a surprise and he did such a good job! I was so impressed and so happy :D

CM knows that we're starting to look into opening a cafe sometimes in the future together with Elim Christian Bookstore. This has been my dream and vision since highschool (to open a cafe next to our bookstore) and after speaking to one of our head people here, it's also their vision that God has given them. Nothing is confirmed yet, but it's still exciting. Anyway, CM took me to this restaurant in Stanley opened by this lady 12 years ago, and on their 10 year anniversary, she published her own cooking book. So CM got the waitress to put the cooking book on the table that he reserved and gave it to me for our "Paper" anniversary. I'm really blessed to have such a wonderful husband.

Here are pictures of food, the picture came out really dark so I had to edit it on photoshop. The quality and colour is not good, but I hope you enjoy anyhow :)

Welcome to Lucy's.

The Entrance

leek and Gruyère tart with delicious short pastry

Roasted Vegetable stack w/ feta cheese

Steak Fillet w/garlic mashed potato

Grilled Salmon w/orange vinaigrette and artichoke, almond and herb couscous

Pecan Pudding w/Toffee Cream Sauce

Add:G/F, 64 Stanley Main Street,
Stanley, HK

Tel: 2813-9055

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Eat Right!!!

A bunch of us went out to lunch after Church and we discovered this new restaurant called Eat Right. I loved it!! They serve fresh mixed juice, smoothies, all day breakfast, etc. They even count calories for you :) Here are the pictures of what we ate :) (Thanks to my lovely friends who were patient waiting for me to finish taking pics... hehe)

Fruit Salad w/Yoghurt

Poached Eggs w/Spinach & Bacon served on Toasted Ciabatta

Scrambled Eggs w/Smoked Salmon on Toasted Ciabatta

Scrambled Eggs w/ Grilled Mushrooms, Spinach & Tomato on Sourdough

Dips (Cannellini Bean & Chick Pea /Pumpkin & Sweet Potato /Hummus)

Beef Lasagne Served w/Green Salad

Chickpea Burger w/ Hummos on Toasted Pita

Add: G/F, 4 Shelly Street,
Central, HK
(Between Hollywood Road and Staunton Street next to the escalators)

Tel: 2868-4832

Friday, August 11, 2006

Dinner Made From Left Over Ingredients #3

From the previous post, we had left over asparagus, carrots and onions. I checked out my treasure box (freezer) to see what other ingredients I had, and here's what I came up with....! I just love not hitting the super market!!! Enjoy :)

Salmon & Asparagus Cream Pasta

Carrot Potage (Thick Soup)

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Hamburger Curry

Mr. & Mrs. Read came over for dinner, and we had a lovely time :)

Salad topped with Tomato and Mozzarella Cheese

Hamburger Curry

Another shot of it :) The rice on the left is carrot rice, and on the right is plain rice.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Japanese Rice and Etc.

Seems like I've been posting pictures of outside rather than our home cooked meal so here you go! My friends came over for MJ so I cooked! Enjoy.

Japanese Chirashi Rice (Sushi Rice W/ Toppings)

Tofu Steak (again)

Mixed Salad (Lettuce, Tuna, Corn, and Cherry Tomato)

Chicken Wing by RJ (My sister)

I really like this Tofu Steak... If you like tofu, definately try this recipe I posted on the July 20th entry. I suggest you cut it up like the one above, it's easier to flip when you're frying. The way I cut it up for the previous one was a bit flimsy and easy to break apart.