Sunday, October 29, 2006

Te & Pot Luck

Alright boys & girls, this is a HUGE update!

After service, CM and I went to try out this pasta place called Te. Not bad at all! Although we both thought it was silly for them to state that they were "MEMBERS ONLY". We still went in, and all I had to do, was fill out this info card, and THATS IT! I didn't even get a membership card or anything. So strange.

Anyhow, CM and I shared a pasta dish and a salad, cus we knew we were going to have this massive feast for dinner, so here's what we had for lunch:


Green Salad W/Japanese Dressing

(I thought they could've atleast give us like a slice of tomato or something! It was just lettuce and Japanese Dressing! I can do that too!)

Spaghetti Siciliana (Egg Plant + Bacon W/Tomato Sauce)

For dinner, a bunch of us were at TA & NA's place for POT LUCK! Oh how I love pot luck. Check out all these food we had! I'll try my best to do the captions :) Sorry I didn't take pictures of everything!

JL's Sashimi

CW's Spanokopita (Spinach & Feta wrapped in Filo Pastry) / SL's Veggie Dip

KW's Thai Green Curry / ML & MM's Japanese Chicken Dish

CM's Char Siu Mai Fun

TA's Roast Chicken + Roast New Potatoes

TA's Banana Muffin + Monkey Something.... I think!

NK's Mini Chocolate Muffins

KT's Caramel Slice

NA's Lasanga

JA's Baby Chinese Cabbage W/ Vermicelli in Chicken Soup

CH's Yellow Fruits & Yoghurt

PC's Shrimp Crackers

Thats it guys!!!!!!!!!!

Add: 1/F, 37 Cochrane St.
Central, HK

Tel: 2110-6910

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