Saturday, February 17, 2007

Chinese New Year

Feasting with the Ma's!

Stirfry Char Siu Angel Hair!

Stirfry Duck Flat Rice Noodles

Stirfry Duck & Char Siu Flat Rice Noodles




Organic Chicken

Lettuce Wrap

Braised Pork Shoulder

Tofu Dish


Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentines Day Lunch

Happy Valentines Day! We had Cleansing Stream in the evening, CM and I went to Azure in Hotel LKF for a nice lunch. Sorry I don't remember the name of the dishes.... enjoy the pictures though :)



Seafood Risotto

Roast Duck

Add: 29/F, Hotel LKF,
33 Wyndham St,
Central, HK

Tel: 3518-9330


Friday, February 02, 2007

CM's Collegues Comes Over

CM's collegues comes over for dinner and MJ!

Potato Salad

Mixed Green Salad W/shredded chicken and cherry tomato

Cous Cous W/diced chicken and colourful capsicums

Grilled Salmon on a bed of baby asparagus


Thursday, February 01, 2007


Sorry I've been missing in action. I have so much blogging to catch up on. I'm currently in the middle of updating our trip to Shanghai which was back in Christmas. I can't believe it's half a year ago!!! Geesh, time flies.

Another big update will be from our Japan trip...
We ate A LOT = Lots of pictures.

We're off to Taipei this weekend, which also means lots of eating.

Anyway, I'm alive and well and I shall update real soon :)